Portuguese Association
of Psychology

based on theories of Rita Leal and Vegotsky, we aim to promote social inclusion and active citizenship through the development of resources and strategies for clinical and systemic psychological intervention and innovative training methods that contribute to the therapeutic and pedagogical effectiveness of the community, enhancing the psychological well-being and the human potential of all.

Training & Clinical Supervision

We develop specialized training in the areas of Mental Health and Education, accredited by DGERT and the Portuguese Psychologists Association. In addition, we hold supervision sessions, whose purpose is the development of theoretical, technical and relational skills of professionals and finalist students of higher education.

Rita Leal School

A clinical and systemic intervention program.
We promote the inclusion of children, youth and adults with Developmental Disorders through:
- psychotherapeutic and neuropsychological intervention,
- supervision and advice to parents and teachers,
- recreating everyday situations with peers and family members, mediated by a specialized and interdisciplinary team.

Community Intervention

We perform psychological and neuropsychological intervention to children, youth and adults of the community in various contexts ─ school, mandates by Court, in the APPsiRH ─ with excellent technical and clinical resources, and taking into account the difficulties of access to mental health services of families Portuguese. We aim to promote autonomy, self-efficacy and growth and personal and social adjustment.


At the Center for Research in Developmental Disorders, we produce scientific knowledge, with the main methodology being the analysis of audio-visual records. This enables a detailed observation of the reality and the experiences of the subjects. We are committed to developing our practice based on rigorous standards and scientific quality.




THE APPsiRH supervised the work of the Telephone Line of emotional support inserted in the SOS Student project in which I was involved. I have known a tabloid approach to life, emotions, human experience, and mental health in general. It was enriching for the project I was involved in, but it was also interesting to see the reflection in my personal life.

Clinical Supervision

Student, 26 years old
At the beginning of a career, when we have to leave the books to act in the reality of the land, many doubts that haunt the professional. I was no different! I was only fortunate to find in my way this Institution that helped me to become stronger, more aware and secure in my professional practice. And how vital this is ...! Feeling that we can count on the support and respect of a team of experienced and competent colleagues, and whenever we need it, is an immense treasure for any Psychologist who seeks the excellence of his work.

Training & Clinical Supervision

Psychologist, 39 years old
It was the great pillar to get a good job done. The years I worked in the area was based on the teachings I had and felt and I know I was a good professional.

Clinical Supervision

Special Education Teacher, 31 years old


Every year, APPsiRH works with hundreds of children, families and professionals in Mental Health and Education promoting the inclusion, health and mental well-being of our community. This work would not be possible without the support of our donors.


Participate in the development of an association with high standards of quality and social concern.

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