XII International readings in the memory of L.S.Vygotsky

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“Sign as a psychological tool: subjective reality of culture”

14 a 17 de Novembro de 2011, Moscovo, Rússia


The conference will be held at the L.S. Vygotsky Institute of Psychology, RSUH. Traditionally the readings are timed to the birthday of L.S. Vygotsky and to the birthday of psychological educational institution, devoted to him. This readings have become signed event in psychological world and they attract many scientists from various parts of Russia and foreign countries.

Scientists from L.S. Vygotsky Institute of Psychology, for almost 15 years, are working on the project of educational system, which includes pre-school, school, and higher education, as well as educators’ retraining. This project may be rightfully called “the model of continuous education”. “Lev Ltd” engaged in the informational support of continuous education conception and educational programs “Golden Key”, “Master”, “Opening”.


“Historical-Relational Therapeutic Approach of a patient with Hyperactivity Disorder” - TÂMARA

“Autism Reabilitation” - PEDRO